Balazs and Krisztina Menesi
Founders of CFM/FIRES Hungary
ICCFM Continental President Couple of Europe


Welcome to this website!

We first met Fr. Gabriel Calvo, the Founder of FIRES, and Fr. Donnon Murray OFM, the promoter of his Encounter programs, at the 1998 World Assembly of the ICCFM. At the time we represented a very small CFM Hungary which had started just 2 years prior.

Having attended their talk about FIRES, and touched by their enthusiasm and sincere sharing, we approached Fr. Donnon Murray afterwards. Amazed at what he shared about the power and fruitfulness of these programs in Japan and elsewhere, we asked if he could visit Hungary.

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Mons. László Bíró and Fr. Gabriel Calvo

Having requested and received the approval of Mons. László Bíró, then Bishop for the Family, to launch the original Encounter programs, we welcomed Fr. Donnon Murray in Hungary nearly every year from 1999 to 2008. Each year he introduced one or two new Encounters, which were then carried on by local priests who attended them.

Hungary is blessed by being the only country in the world where all the original Encounter programs by Fr. Gabriel Calvo were introduced. Organized by a growing number of voluntary helper couples and priests, these programs have strengthened and renewed the lives of thousands of people: youth, couples, individuals, families, priests in this country over the past two decades. 

Fr. Donnon Murray and Fr. Gabriel Calvo

Several years before he retired, Fr. Gabriel Calvo asked Fr. Donnon Murray to be his representative bringing his original programs to wherever there is openness towards them. In turn, Fr. Donnon Murray, well into his 80s, authorized us in 2019 to promote the FIRES programs throughout Europe and beyond.

With the responsibility of this unique legacy, we offer this website to those who desire to strengthen their own family relationships, or who may be inspired to strengthen others by using some of the inestimable works by Fr. Gabriel Calvo.

With Fr. Donnon Murray

It is our hope and constant prayer that this website may be helpful for God’s dream to become a reality in the lives of more and more families.

God bless!

Balazs and Krisztina