Sons and Daughters [Self] Retorno

SRMillions of young people throughout the world are searching for something deep to fill the gap they feel in their hearts. Consciously or unconsciously, often in strange and even unacceptable ways, they are in fact earnestly seeking God.

The Sons and Daughters Retorno program was born with the desire to help young people find God by experiencing an encounter with each of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity.

Topics include:
– searching for the will of God the Father,
– discovering how to live the Gospel of God the Son incarnate in Jesus Christ,
– receiving the grace of God the Holy Spirit so one can put into action the will of the Father and the Gospel of the Son.

The program includes team presentations followed by periods of quiet reflection and sharing about Bible passages and handout questions. The heart of Sons and Daughters Retorno is the Word of God, therefore it is based on listening to what God is saying through His Word. The two-day program includes Holy Mass and prayers led by a Catholic priest.