An acronym for Families, Intercommunication, Relationships, Experiences, Services.

The original programs by Fr. Gabriel Calvo for sons and daughters, engaged couples, married couples, individuals, priests and vowed religious men and women,
to build more honest and loving relationships with self, with family, with others and with GOD.

FIRES is a series of two-day spiritual programs of witness, reflection, sharing, and prayer,
started and conducted in the Catholic Church but open to everyone who wants to sincerely encounter self, others and GOD.


„Fr. Calvo – whom I have had the chance to meet several times – is a clear, true person, a priest who has been working and praying for marriage and family for half a century, travelling without rest all around the world, speaking to lots and lots of people and listening perhaps to even more. His works present valuable help for priests in the pastoral care for families.
I express my thanks to all those working with enthusiasm for making Fr. Calvo’s works known by many people also in our country – for the benefit and growth of us all.”

Msgr. László Bíró
Bishop for the Family in Hungary (1994-2020),
Assistant Continental Chaplain of CFM Europe