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file_1The Origin and Vision of Marriage Encounter (145 pages)
by Fr. Robert White OFM
“I have been asked so many times, ‘How did the idea of Marriage Encounter come to you? Why did you start M.E.? How did the whole thing begin?’ – If you want to find the answers to the key questions about the original Marriage Encounter, just keep reading. This book will accompany you in your journey. And you will touch the roots of Marriage Encounter.” (From the Foreword by Fr. Gabriel Calvo, the author of M.E.) Robert White was a Professor of History at St. Bonaventure University in New York and one of the pioneers of the Original Marriage Encounter in the U.S.

file_2The Works of Fr. Gabriel Calvo (25 pages)
by Balazs and Krisztina Menesi

“I thank Balazs and Krisztina Menesi for introducing this eminent personage of 20th and 21st century family apostolate. I hope this summary will help us so Gabriel Calvo’s charism may spread and deepen more and more.” (Msgr. László Bíró, Hungarian Catholic Bishop for the Family) “I feel tremendously happy and thankful that this summary has been written. I have read and completed it with my comments so it presents an authentic review of the past and present of Encounters.” (Fr. Gabriel Calvo)

file_3Face to Face (166 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo
Face to Face offers married couples the opportunity of experiencing in their homes the dynamics of the original Marriage Encounter program by Fr. Gabriel Calvo. They are invited to read, reflect and share on the questions and exercises in this book, which encapsulates the wisdom, humor, love and truth of the Author’s decades of working with, and ministering to, individuals, couples and families. Following his guidance offered in the book can help improving or even healing marriage relationships. The book can also be used by individuals or by groups as a study guide for sharing.

file_4Hand in Hand
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

Hand in Hand is a workbook for engaged couples. It is a guideline with lots of wise hints, questions, ideas to think about, practical advice and topics to talk about. A sincere sharing on these is valuable and responsible preparation for a healthy, good marriage and a joyful family life. The book is the summary of the Author’s extremely rich experience with couples and families; it is helpful not only for engaged couples and young married couples but also for priests and lay Christians who work with engaged couples.

file_5Family Energy (140 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

Families are continually changing, but all have something in common: an irresistible and profound aspiration to become happy. This is a guidebook for communication between parents and their sons and daughters. Like all other books by Fr. Gabriel Calvo, it offers lots of wise suggestions, questions, practical advice and interesting topics to think and share on. A unique opportunity for the family to have a wonderful experience of unity.

file_6Within and Beyond (93 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

This brilliant book of self encounter by Fr Gabriel Calvo is for those who honestly want to find their answers to these great questions, whether they are young or elderly. The Author invites his readers to an exciting journey towards the deepest part of their being. Instead of giving his solutions, he encourages them to find their own answers by encountering themselves through answering simple questions. He accompanies them along the journey with wisdom, love and understanding. His questions are the gently challenging questions of an elder brother, who has suffered for, and found the answers in his own life.

file_7Around the Table (15 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

This booklet contains twelve great opportunities for parents and sons and daughters to personally reflect and to listen carefully to each other, to understand each other better, to encounter, and, therefore, grow as a loving family. For unusual but great family fun: let the whole family sit down on a lazy afternoon. Read an introduction, think of the questions and share; parents and kids will equally enjoy it!

file_8Dialogues for Sons and Daughters (13 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

This workbook contains fifteen outlines for meetings of teenagers and young adults who are anxious to share their experiences, be they personal, family, religious or social. Fifteen opportunities to encounter with one’s self, with God, and with the members of one’s own family, to prepare to become the creators of the new families of the future.

file_9F.I.R.E.S. (8 pages)
by Fr. Gabriel Calvo

Love is the most powerful, universal and mysterious of the cosmic energies… Love is experienced inside of Families and it begins when communication begins… Communication begins when persons encounter themselves… FIRES wants to help each family to discover and to experience the Love of God, who is Love, being manifested through the divine energy of love within the family… This booklet offers guidelines for 5 family sharings based on the key ideas of F.I.R.E.S.

file_10Testimonies on Graces from FIRES (133 pages)
Compiled and edited by Fr. Donnon Murray OFM

Testimonies sent by many people in various countries of the world, who have experienced FIRES Encounter programs. Written by men and women, couples and families, priests and sisters, the testimonies were compiled by personal witness Fr. Donnon Murray OFM, who has been working with FIRES for decades.

file_11The two of us and God (74 pages)
by Jaime and Mercedes Ferrer

This book was written by the couple who were instrumental in the creation of Marriage Encounter and the subsequent FIRES programs. They were sincerely searching for “something” in married life that could help married couples live more in accordance with God’s plan, so they contacted Fr. Gabriel Calvo asking him to help them realize their dream. The result was a series of Encounter programs, which have influenced the lives of tens of millions of men and women all over the world. The Ferrers offer an inestimable summary of their ideas and experiences of over 50 years of their married life. It would be a blessing for any couple reading it to discover something of what they discovered.

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